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A single artist who just wants to create and share their imagination with the whole world.
To spark creativity to those who are watching and to bring life, the imagination of others and my own.

As one who was born with a pencil and paper in their hands, art is all I've ever known. Over the many years, throughout my education and other artists, I have practised, practised and practiced every day to improve this skill to the best of my ability. But, as a believer that their is always room to learn more and to improve, I can never state that I have reached the peak of my abilities no matter how much experience I have, only show proof that I have progressed so far compared to past artworks.


BTEC National Diploma in Media production (Games development) *Games design & Animation*

NCFE Lv1 Certificate in Creative art in Photography

Certificate of Higher Education in Animation & Illustration

Prince's Trust Programme Certificate

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